Fountainhead Investment Partners Opens Exploratory Office in El Paso

Fountainhead to work with The Hub of Human Innovation to explore the potential for expansion and growth in the Paso del Norte Region

EL PASO, Texas – San Antonio-based Fountainhead Investment Partners has opened an office in El Paso, housed within The Hub of Human Innovation, in order to explore opportunities for the venture capital firm and its current and future portfolio companies.

“We believe El Paso has a lot to offer from innovation to talent to advanced manufacturing, and we are investing some time here to see what the opportunities might be for our current and future portfolio companies,” said Brian Kieser, Fountainhead Managing Partner. “El Paso and UTEP are my home so if possible, I would like to support and be engaged in the community that I love.”

Fountainhead Investment Partners will work with The Hub of Human Innovation to explore El Paso’s entrepreneurial ecosystem including research of existing market segments and support systems such as manufacturing facilities and evaluation of talent pools.

“Fountainhead Investment Partners has the potential to make a significant impact in the El Paso community and its goals are very much aligned with ours - to enhance the region’s entrepreneurial climate, and increase jobs in the area. We look forward to assisting Fountainhead in its exploration here and showcasing all the Paso del Norte Region has to offer,” said Joe Wardy, President and CEO of The Hub of Human Innovation.

Founded in 2014, Fountainhead Investment Partners’ vision is to connect advancing technologies in order to solve some of medicines’ most complex issues. Fountainhead is focusing its initial investments in the areas of medical devices, multicellular biologics, regenerative technologies, medical knowledge management and advanced manufacturing. Investments ranging from $250,000 to $1.5 million will be made in early-stage companies.

Fountainhead’s initial portfolio company investment was in the AmnioLife Corporation, a human cells, tissues, and cellular-based products developer, based in Gainesville, Fla. The firm led AmnioLife’s Series A funding round of $1.5 million with an investment of $1.4 million.

About Fountainhead Investment Partners
Fountainhead Investment Partners is a venture capital firm, based in San Antonio, Texas, that invests in early-stage companies. Fountainhead was originally founded as an angel fund in 2014 by a group of successful healthcare entrepreneurs with a vision to connect advancing technologies in order to solve some of medicines’ most complex issues.

In 2015, Fountainhead transitioned to a venture capital firm, with initial funds focused on companies that are accessing innovative technologies from all industries and applying them to the science of medicine with the intention of disrupting the industry while also advancing patient care. Fountainhead makes portfolio investments ranging from $250,000 to $1.5 million.  Partners work side-by-side with portfolio companies on operations strategies and management guidance in order to maximize the highest potential growth.

About The Hub of Human Innovation
The Hub of Human Innovation creates long-term regional impact through effective, tailored growth strategies for entrepreneurs. The Hub is an incubator that offers a broad spectrum of specialized resources to help companies and entrepreneurs construct a streamlined path to success. Through The Hub, companies receive business support that is designed around the lean startup and business model canvas platform, and is tailored to their stage of growth.

The goals of The Hub include: enhance the community’s entrepreneurial climate; increase the number of high-wage jobs in the Paso del Norte Region; and accelerate regional growth in core industries of clean energy, life sciences, defense/homeland security, aerospace, and advanced manufacturing.

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